quick-zip plus Privacy Policy

the privacy policy of this service(quick-zip plus) will be set forth in each of the following article.

  • Article 1: Storing privacy information and purpose of use

    • the information of the data on this service, or the information of the data downloaded via this service shall be stored automatically. we define the data as the privacy information.
    • the following information shall be stored by this app.
      • the status of using this app
      • the information of the app(name of app, app ID, etc.)
      • name of the file downloaded
      • file format of the file downloaded
      • date of the file downloaded
      • web page, advertisement browsing history
      • use environment
      • the information stored in the cookie
      • location information
    • the privacy information defined in preceding paragraph does not indicate the privacy information mentioned in the personal information protection law (name, date of birth, address, phone number, etc. which specify the private information of the user).
    • Provision to a third party module of collecting information this app contain modules of collecting information to analyze advertisement, feature of the app, passenger volume, use status, etc. the data to be provided to following third party.

      Google Inc. 「Google Analytics」


      (to analyze for improving in the quality of service.)

      Twitter Inc 「Crashlytics」


      (to analyze the download situation and crash report.)

  • Article 2: Purpose of use privacy information

    the developer firm may use the data provided from user in following way.

    • to analyze and research the result of various measures and the use status.
    • to use for marketing research, to conduct a questionnaire.
    • to use for improving in the quality of service, to fix a problem or a bug.
  • Article 3: Prohibition of Providing Information

    the information stored via this service shall be managed properly, shall not be provided to a thrid parson except in following cases.

    • providing Information shall be permitted only with the user's consent.
    • to provide better service for the user, privacy information shall be provided to a third party for researching. before providing the information shall be put into a state which does not specify the private information of the user.
    • when if the disclosure of the information requested by law.
  • Article 4: Security Measures of Privacy

    this service completes security measures to protect the accuracy of private data.

  • Article 5: Compliance with Rules and Reconsidering

    • this service comply with the laws and other rules of Japan. this privacy policy may reviewed for improving in the quality of service.
    • the user shall be informed when the developer firm change the privacy policy. in case when the user uses this app after change of the privacy policy takes effect, it shall be understood that he or she agrees with all the details of the privacy policy after changing.
  • Article 6: inquiry

    to ask about how we are handling privacy information on this service, please contact the email below.
    Developer and Service Administrator: Kohei Tabata
    mail: quick.zip.plus@gmail.com